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Tether Law, through its Principal, Ivan Tether, as well as its ability to bring in expert attorneys from a broad range of legal practices, is well equipped to engage in effective and aggressive litigation. Since its 2004 launch, we have represented several dry cleaners, a major printing company, a shopping center owner, oil production companies and an oil field operator.

Where litigation may not be the best course, because of expense, delay or uncertainty, Tether Law brings other resources and expertise to bear. Particularly in the arena of environmental law, persistent, expert and highly informed negotiation can yield more productive, more certain and more satisfying results.

Effective negotiation generates "win-win" situations that make the opposing party into an ally — or at least not an enemy — for future transactions. These results are absolutely critical in environmental regulatory matters, where regulated companies face the same regulators and their attorneys time and time again, and where litigation can increase the potential for public outrage, damage to the business and huge fines and penalties.

Beyond involvement with hundreds of negotiations over his thirty years of law practice, Ivan Tether served for several years on the panel of mediators for the Los Angeles Superior Court, getting inside the eye of the hurricane of litigating parties and experiencing first-hand the dynamics of conflict and resolution. This high level experience and expertise are the fundamental ingredients of solutions, resolution and success.


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